About Monitoring Labs

Your trusted IT advisor.

Founded in Hong Kong in 2016, Monitoring Labs is the brainchild of two IT professionals with over 45 years combined experience.

We were bonded by the belief that businesses could avoid huge problems by taking a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to technology.

For many organizations, no action is taken until something breaks down. We decided to challenge this approach by offering reasonably priced services through a platform that:

✓ finds and fixes issues in real-time by monitoring all your systems
✓ provides uniform management of antivirus, OS patching and upgrades
✓ automatically fixes problems through scripting of issue resolution

Just because we provide remote managed services doesn’t mean that we’re not hands-on with our clients. We also arrange in-person visits to mitigate any issues.

We believe that a good Managed Service Provider should:

✓ know about any problems before you do
✓ work with you to alleviate concerns about your IT infrastructure, and
✓ show you the path to effective professional care and maintenance

When so much depends on day-to-day technological processes within your business, our teams form a foundation for you to thrive.

Recent Milestone

thailand flagIn 2020, we rolled out the Monitoring Labs solution to businesses in Thailand. With our dedicated team of technicians and specialists in Bangkok, we are proudly supporting the Land of Smiles with our best-in-class services and support!

Every organization is unique.

Find out how we can help yours!